• Civil Engineering wing is responsible for the total maintenance of buildings and structures in the premises. They are also responsible for calling of tenders or quotations to all Civil projects and maintenance works.
  • It is manned by a qualified & experienced Supervisor (Gr-II), Assistant ‘D, Carpenter (Tr/C), Draughtsman (Tr/B), Mason (Tr/B), Mali (Tr/B) and other staff working under the guidance of Manager (PPM).
  • The major Civil Engineering projects being undertaken in Telangana Foods, as a part of modernization and expansion mode, are Construction of Administrative Building, Quality Control Laboratory, Godowns beside GAIN Plant and beside Automobile section, Mechanical and Electrical workshop, DFS plant and laying of approach new road along the boundary & near GAIN plant.
  • The preparation of estimates, calling of tenders and execution of these works is entrusted to TSHMHIDC. Some of these works are completed and some are in progress.
  • Two more major civil projects namely construction of GAIN plant and construction of Extrusion plant are completed and erection of machinery in progress.
  • The Civil Engineering wing ensures sufficient supply of Municipal drinking water for use of canteen, employees, production of extruded food in UNICEF Plant. They maintain water meter record daily.
  • The activities of Civil Engineering wing include maintenance of Factory Buildings, maintenance of Lawns & Gardens and Carpentry works etc.
  • They also ensure maintenance of Fire extinguishers to avoid fire accidents in the Factory.
  • They maintain the working of Effluent Treatment Plant round the clock and record daily log sheets. Environmental Monitoring tests are conducted in the factory premises every month. These reports along with the E.T. Plant daily log sheets are submitted to TS. Pollution Control Board every month as per the statutory requirements.
  • The Civil Engineering wing also maintains teak plantation in Factory premises for Green belt.
  • During emergencies the Civil wing works in shifts for attending important works.
  • General maintenance of Civil wing also includes replacement and repairs of old A.C. Sheets and gutters of the damaged roofs at plants and godowns etc.,
  • Civil wing prepared Factory building drawings and developed Ammonia prints as per the specifications of Director of Factories.

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