1. T.S. Foods has well established Q.C. Laboratory.
  2. The Q.C. Laboratory works 24/7.
  3. The Q.C. Laboratory is manned by well Qualified & Experienced Chemists and Food Technologists.
  4. The activities of Q.C. Laboratory includes, Inspection, analysis and certification of raw materials, packaging material and finished products, product development and proper preservation of raw material is also looked after by Q.C. Laboratory.
  5. Utmost care is taken to ensure quality of raw materials and finished products.
  6. Q.C. Laboratory has various modern analytical instruments like Double beam Spectrophotometer with wave length scan, Colorimeter, Polarimeter, NIR, Refractometer, Microscope, Gerhardt Automatic Protein & Fat Analyser.
  7. Vitamins and Minerals analysis is also carried out regularly in house.
  8. All the food products are fortified by addition of micronutrients like Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Niacin and Folic Acid.
  9. The above Minerals and Vitamins are added as per G.O.I. norms and QC Laboratory ensures the same by online checks.
  10. As the food is supplied to most vulnerable section of society like malnourished young children, expectant & lactating mothers the quality of raw material is ensured by testing as per the standards of PFA, BIS, AGMARK and IP, as applicable to the raw material and material not complying with the specifications is rejected.
  11. Periodical online checking is done to prevent deviation in product quality. If any deviations are observed the material is reprocessed or rejected.
  12. Any complaints from beneficiaries are attended to by Q.C. Laboratory Staff and corrective measures are suggested/ taken. 
  13. Product development work is undertaken to improve the existing products and to develop new products. 
  14. Q.C. Laboratory maintains library and has good collection of Technical, Management, Engineering books and Journals etc.
  15. Q.C. Staff is deputed to attend training Programmes, Workshops, Seminars to update the knowledge and information in the field of Food Science & Technology.

Impact Studies carried out by NIN

The evaluation was carried out using a standard procedure among the staff of the National Institute of Nutrition (2006). The attributes such as appearance, color, odor, texture and taste were assessed, using the scores as follows:

Very Poor -1; Poor -2; Fair -3; Good- 4 ; very Good -5;

The mean scores obtained for the above attributes were as follows.

Attribute Therapeutic Food Modified Therapeutic Food
Color 3.4 3.4
Appearance 3.5 3.6
Texture 3.5 3.8
Smell 3.3 3.8
Taste 3.5 4.2
Overall Quality 3.6 4.0
Pooled 3.5 4.8

NIN has commented on Modified Therapeutic Food being manufactured by Telangana Foods that it is ideal as a supplement, under ICDS, for the following reasons:

  1. Since it is centrally processed by the State Government owned facility, it is cheaper, cost effective and hygienic.
  2. It provides much needed essential micronutrients, viz., vitamins and minerals, since the recipe is fortified.
  3. It does away with the process of cooking food at the AWC and needs minimal handling.
  4. It is easy to feed very young children (6 months to 3 years), where the consistency of the food supplement should match the age of the child.
  5. This can be achieved easily at the Anganwadi centre level by altering the quantum of water to be added to the modified therapeutic food to be fed to a given child.
  6. This would not be feasible in case of hot cooked food, which is prepared commonly for all the beneficiaries.

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