Based on the proposals received from Director of CARE in India/CARE Administrator A.P, Hyderabad in the year 1971, the Government of A.P had issued orders vide G.O Ms.No.1419, Edn (I) Dept., dt.4.9.1971, sanctioning for Starting a Central Kitchen in Telangana Region to manufacture Ready-to-Eat (RTE) foods under Mid-day Meals Programme for primary school children during 1971-72.

  • CARE (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe Inc), a non-profit cooperative, had an agreement with Government of India to distribute foods and other urgently needed commodities to the individuals and organisations, by taking gifts from abroad.
  • CARE had offered to construct the food factory and towards which Government also sanctioned Rs.10,00,000 as part of the State’s share of contribution for setting up of the factory in the Telangana region.
  • The objective of starting a Central kitchen at IDA, Nacharam to serve the Telangana districts of Hyderabad, Mahaboobnagar, Medak, Nalgonda was to promote compulsory primary education, by attracting children to the schools in large number

Based on the proposals received from the CARE Administrator, A.P, Hyderabad, the Government had issued orders for creation of ‘A.P Child Nutrition Council’ and also sanction of amounts towards the factory constructions vide G.O M.S.No 536, Edn (I) Dept., dt. 7.6.1973

Total capital cost of the factory was estimated to be Rs.91,16,993/- with the share of CARE @ Rs. 75,36,294/- and the share of State government was Rs.15,80,669/-. A recurring expenditure of Rs.16,49,000 pa was to be borne by State Government and CARE was to provide Rs.1,07,38,000/- worth commodities and CARE was asked to take up the construction work and also asked to hand-over the factory to Government after its completion

In view of the complex problems involved in the administration of the "Ready-To-Eat Food" factory and "Distribution System of the manufactured products", the Government of AP considered that a Society with the title "Andhra Pradesh Child Nutrition Council” would be set up to take care of the administrative affairs of the factory.

Thus ‘A.P Child Nutrition Council’, was registered under A.P (Telangana area) Public Societies Act, 1350 Fasli. (Ac I of 1350 F.) on 10.07.1973

  • The present land admeasuring 15.46 acres at Nacharam, IDA was received from APIIC in the year 1973, and it was treated as donation as per the audit reports
  • Further as per records, the actual expenditure incurred towards the capital works was:
  • CARE capital costs: Rs.74,94,870.83 (1977-78)
  • State share: Rs. 15,46,831.00 (1977-78)

The Government also constituted another Council namely "Andhra Pradesh Nutrition Council" during 1976 with the object to provide and extend facilities for supply of nutritious food to the school and preschool children, pregnant women and lactating mothers to crate raw materials pre-processing and food processing capacity with the assistance from Government of India, State Government and International Agencies like CARE, UNICEF and also constituted a Governing Board with representatives of the Government of India and Government of AP. The said Council was registered in the year 1976, as a registered society under the Andhra Pradesh (Teleangana Area) Public Societies Registration Act 1350 Fasli (Act I of 1350 F)

The UNICEF with the help of the Government of India and the State Government decided to start a pre-processing and processing plant with the latest Cooker Extruder Technology in the premises of the RTE Processed Food Factory and it was started on 20-11-80 at a total cost of 1.5 crores. The factory could produce to a optimum capacity of 20 tonnes per day on three shifts. This plant, apart from producing snack food with condiments can also produce the Automatic food like HORLICKS AND FAREX. As per records, the actual expenditure incurred towards the capital works was:

  • UNICEF share: Rs.1,29,28,981.00 (1980-81)
  • State share: Rs.9,67,663.53 (1980-81)

By a resolution dt.3-4-1981 AP Child Nutrition Council was merged with the "AP Nutrition Council". The factory is unique and is one of the biggest food processing units in Asia for the production of nutritious supplements and also unique in having a large scale continuous defeated frying unit for the production of noodles (muruku) systematically, untouched by hand from raw materials stage to the finished product which is filled packed and stacked.

The Ready-To-Eat processed Food Factory was manufacturing Ready-To-Eat Food to the preschool going children, lactating mothers and pregnant women etc. The name of this Factory was changed as "REPRON Food Factory" during the year 1984 by the resolution of AP Nutrition Council. However, there is no change in the aims and objectives of the original "Ready-To-Eat Processed Food Factory".

In the year 1986 the factory was declared as Public Enterprise vide GO Rt. No. 1786 GA (PE.I) Department dt. 12-5-86. This decision of the Government helped the factory due to periodic reviews, professional guidance through Public Enterprises Management Board. In keeping the style and name adopted by many of the newly created Public Enterprises, it was proposed to change the name of Repron Food Factory as "Andhra Pradesh Foods". This decision was taken in the meeting of the Andhra Pradesh Nutrition Council held on 29th August 1987. Even after the change of the name of the factory, there is no change or deviation from the original objectives with which the factory was started namely to produce nutritious Ready-To-Eat Food to the preschool going children, lactating mothers and pregnant women Since then, the factory is being knows as "Andhra Pradesh Foods" only.

Further, during the year 2014, the enterprise name has been changed from Andhra Pradesh Foods to “Telangana Foods” and Andhra Pradesh Nutrition Council to “Telangana State Nutrition Council” vide Government Order MS No. 2

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