HRD Wing


  • Maintaining Personal Files & Service Registers of all employees
  • Look after Security arrangements of the Organization through Special Protection Force and Private Security Services at Vizag site.
  • Running Subsidized Canteen for employees in T.S. Foods premises.
  • Coverage of Insurance for Plant & Machinery, Buildings, Vehicles, Raw material, Furniture & Fixtures and GPAP for employees.
  • Sponsoring employees to the seminar/workshops/training programmes etc.
  • Maintaining Attendance of all employees, leave records & controlling Time Office.
  • Maintaining ESI records of all employees and checking of ESI remittances made by Labor Contractors engaged for day to day business of the Organization.
  • Recruitment of employees, apprenticeship trainees, promotions, disciplinary actions, transfers etc. and appointment of deputations.
  • Procurement of Office equipment & maintenance, stationery, uniform & shoes for employees etc.
  • Sanction of Medical claims, LTC, Children Education Advance and concession, Festival Advance, Telephone bills, News papers, Magazine, TA-DA claims and Annual Grade Increment to the employees etc.
  • Processing of Two wheeler / four wheeler / computer / Medical/ House Building/ Marriage Advances to the employees and forwarding of applications for personal/ Housing/vehicle loans to the Banks.
  • Furnishing of quarterly returns, biennial report to the Employment Exchange.
  • Furnishing of Half-yearly reports in respect of workforce to ESI Corporation & EPF returns monthly/yearly to the P.F. organization.
  • Furnishing of quarterly & annual returns in respect of the employees to Income-tax department.
  • Preparation of monthly statements for payment of Salaries, Over Time, Shift Allowances, Roaster Allowance, Vitamin Premix allowance, Steering allowance, reimbursement of conveyance allowance, Washing allowance, Lunch allowance to the employees.
  • Furnishing of Annual returns to Sample Survey Office.
  • Appointment Standing Counsel and settlement of his claims.
  • Processing of Misc. expenditure and local conveyance claims of the employees.
  • Maintaining vehicle movement section, deployment of vehicles and drivers.
  • Maintaining Inward and Outward of the Organization.
  • Maintaining EPABX Lines and Xerox of the organization.
  • Payment of Property Tax of the organization.
  • Look after employees grievances, redressal, welfare measures, cultural affairs, conducting of elections to the office bearers once in two years etc.

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