Food Requirement during the Financial Year 2018-19: Balamrutham and Snack Food

SNo State No. of Districts No. of ICDS Projects No. of Beneficiaries, age, group/ration per beneficiary with food Qty. per Month in MTs
1. Telangana 31 149

(7M-3Y) -

9,82,958(Balamrutham 100g/ben) -

(3Y-6Y) -


(Snack Food 20g/ben)


15,48,710 + Malnourished Children 2,531

After 10% postponement net requirement of food

Net Food Requirement




2505.000 MTs

Telangana Foods supplies Nutritious food to beneficiary departments of Government and the activity of dispatching / distributing these foods manufactured at our factory is the job of Distribution Section.

Presently, we are supplying foods to Directorate of Women Development and Child Welfare in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Commissionerate / Directorate of WD& CW Department:-

Under this programme, Food has to be supplied in required quantities up to ICDS projects level, making transportation arrangements by floating annual tenders.

The annual supply advice is given by the Department prior to beginning of each financial year along with number of schemes under which foods are to be supplied, list of ICDS projects, number of AWCs, ration size for each category of beneficiaries, composition of each AWC and also any other norms.

After we receive this supply advice, we arrive at the monthly and annual requirement and types of food required to be supplied to various projects and will inform to Production, Raw material purchase and Finance & Accounts departments for doing needful from their side.

Once the feeding year starts, we would prepare indents for vehicles on respective transporters on daily basis on project-wise. The finished product stocks available every day morning will be informed by Production Wing and accordingly the loading and dispatch of vehicles to respective projects are planned.

a) Factory Delivery Challan in quadruplicate Onaway bill for SNP food consignment in different series of numbers per each lorry per each station will be issued.

b) GST/Commercial Tax way bill which is supplied by the CT Department will be issued along with Way Bill for every station.

c) Gate-pass for internal security check in duplicate.

Transporter-wise foods dispatches made are also entered in the registers meant for the purpose to monitor the arrival of the food receipt acknowledgements from the projects for two purposes.

We receive requests for early supplies and postponements of supplies from several projects over phone, telegrams and letters, which are noted down in the project-wise ledgers for regulating the food supplies to respective projects from time to time.

At the end of every day, daily food dispatch reports are prepared project-wise, programme-wise, transporter-wise and also upon completion of every month, dispatches and consolidated monthly reports will be prepared for onward submission to Director, Women Development Child Welfare.

Upon receipt of the Way Bill acknowledgement along with Freight Bills, the payment proposals for freight charges will be scrutinised in all respects, then those bills forwarded to Finance & Accounts for further verification and onward submission to authorities for its approval. If any defective Way Bills are received from the transporters that will be sent back and get proper acknowledgement from the CDPO.

The original Way Bills are being sorted out separately by taking xerox copies of the same. The original Way Bills are handed over to Finance & Accounts for raising bills for onward claim (food cost) from beneficiary department

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