• On receipt of the food requirements (various types), the Godown Wing would be calculate the required Raw Materials, Packing Materials, Vitamins & Minerals etc as per the norms prescribed by the GOI every year.
  • The same proposals would be moved through the Purchase Committee for submission to M.D for approval for publication in daily news papers (English & Telugu) and place the same in website inviting sealed tenders.
  • Finalization of tenders.
  • Awarding the contracts on successful bidders along with supply schedule.
  • To ensure that the raw materials purchased confirms to the specifications.
  • In case contractor fails to supply scheduled quantity, notice will be issued and make alternate arrangements from the Govt. Approved Agencies in respect of raw materials, and for other items necessary tender procedure will be followed. The extra expenditure incurred, if any shall be recovered from the contractors bills.
  • Maintenance of Inward & Outward Registers.
  • Every raw material, packing material, vitamins & minerals are subjected to quality control tests. The materials conforming the specifications are only accepted and taken into Stock Ledgers, otherwise it will be rejected and sent back to the contractor/supplier.
  • Stocks of raw materials, packing materials, vitamins and minerals being issued to production wing confirmed to specifications.
  • A consolidated statement of monthly Raw Materials, packing materials, Vitamins & Minerals VAT & ST are being prepared and sent to Production Wing/Finance & Accts Wing for cross verification.
  • The wheat allocation every year allotted by GOI under Wheat Based Nutrition Programme Scheme to T.S. as per the recommendations of State Government at subsidized rate to serve the Nutritious Food to the below Poverty Line of beneficiaries.

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